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VPN Reviews and VPN Comparison Chart

VPN Provider Protocols Supported / Features Countries Max.Connections Price Review


No Logs. AES-256 OpenVPN. IKEv2. Stunnel. 65 Connect 6 Devices $2.56 Read Review
IPVanish USA Based. No Logs. AES-256 OpenVPN. 60 Connect 5 Devices $6.49 Read Review
Cyberghost AES-256 OpenVPN. No Logs. 30 Connect 6 Devices $3.69 Read Review
NordVPN No Logs. AES-256 OpenVPN. Obfsproxy 61 Connect 6 Devices $3.99 Read Review
PrivateVPN AES-256 OpenVPN 20 Connect 4 Devices $3.82 Read Review
TorGuard Based in USA. AES-256 OpenVPN. Stunnel 50 Connect 5 Devices $4.93 Read Review
VyprVPN Keeps Timestamps. AES-256 OpenVPN. 63 Connect 5 Devices $5.00 Read Review


AES-256 OpenVPN. Obfsproxy 19 Connect 5 Devices $3.12 Read Review
Buffered Keeps Timestamps. Blowfish-256 - OpenVPN. 26 Connect 5 Devices $4.12 Read Review
ExpressVPN Keeps Timestamps. AES-256 - OpenVPN. Stunnel. 94 Connect 3 Devices $8.32 Read Review


Editor's Choice:

1. VPNArea

  • As Fast as it gets! Best speed results we've come across.
  • Account Sharing allowed - the only one we've seen that offers this
  • Use on 6 Devices - at the same time
  • Works with Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, HBO, Bet365, iPlayer, SkyGo
  • Torrenting/P2P allowed even on USA servers
  • Security: Tough as Nails. Top notch encryption, No Logs, Double VPN, Ad Blocking.
  • Works from China, UAE. Stealth mode and IKEv2

VPNArea has earned our respect and rightfully is ranked #1 on our list, because it has passed all our scrutiny and rigorous testing with flying colours on more than one occasion. Consequently it is the VPN service that our team confidently recommends as Best VPN. VPNArea simply delivers on all fronts and we highly recommend it.

VPNArea rises above all other VPN providers by being excellent in all that it offers, which is a lot. Unlikes many VPN providers VPNArea respects and caters to all segments of the VPN customers, streamers, privacy seekers, gamers, p2p/torrenters, security experts and complete beginners. 6 Years of experience seems to result in a honed skills and deep understanding of what VPN users want and need.

The addition of IKEv2 as alternative VPN protocol to their arsneal made the speed tests go off the chart, breaking all records.

Servers in 70 countries , Easy to use software, powerful technology, generous prices, account sharing, ad blocking, friendly customer support and hassle free refund process are few of the reasons VPNArea left us wanting for nothing.

Hint: Use exclusive coupon BVA58 to bring down the price to $2.54/mo when you buy the 3 year package.

We highly recommend the service. If you need more convincing just read our review and see for yourself.

2. IPVanish

  • Second best speeds we've tested!
  • Use on 5 Devices - at the same time
  • Works with Netflix USA
  • Robust apps for Win, Mac
  • Based in USA
  • Cust. Support by Email only

Even though IPVanish is based in the USA, making it inappropriate choice for the privacy segment of the VPN users, it still has a lot to offer.

Solid Mac, Windows and Android apps, servers in 53 countries and years of experience make IPVanish an attractive candidate.

There is more to be desired design wise in both the apps and the software, but nothing too annoying or problematic that we came across.

It is worth nothing that IPVanish scored second best after VPNArea in speeds so even though it's a bit pricier than VPNArea, we still recommend the service if you're not too concerned about privacy.

A small downside is that support is only available by Email, no Live Chat and no Ticket system. However we didn't experience any issues with signing up and using the service, so you may not need any support.

3. NordVPN

  • Advanced features
  • Accepts Bitcoin
  • Works with Netflix, BBC iPlayer
  • Servers in 62 countries
  • Not enough transparency about company
  • We've seen faster

NordVPN is an established VPN provider and while it offers good set of features related to privacy, due to various factors mentioned in this review we don't recommend it to privacy-oriented users.

On the other hand NordVPN offers good server variety and works for unblocking Netflix and BBC iPlayer and there is much to be liked about this provider if accessing streaming sites is your main purpose of using VPN.

Their Apps are also easy to use and provide an ample set of features.

4. CyberGhost

  • Use on 5 Devices - same time
  • Works with Netflix
  • Money Back guarantee
  • No bitcoin or anonymous payments
  • No instant approval of new users
  • No killswitch for Mac
  • Some logs kept

CyberGhost is a Romanian VPN provider that also offers premium version of its service. The company operates servers in "53 countries", more or less decent speeds and plenty of servers to pick from.

Unfortunately there is no Bitcoin or any other anonymous type of payment, which kind of makes it useless for those users who care about their privacy, although the company (like almost every other) claims to keep very little amount of logs.

There is also no killswitch for Mac and no instant approval of sign ups, we had to wait 1 hour to start using the service.

CyberGhost offers a cheaper 2 year plan, but we advise to take this promise with a grain of salt, since a company which values its services so low is not in it for the long haul, at least that's the general experience with companies that oversell their product. The 1 year plan however is still 30% more expensive than VPNArea for example.

CyberGhost scored 4th in our speed tests which is more than enough for most people.

There is money back guarantee and their service works with Netflix. So despite some shortcomings CyberGhost is not too bad of a choice if for some reason you don't want to sign up with some of the other companies in the list which we recommend instead.